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Hanlon Pest Control offer a price match guarantee for wasp and wasp nest removal services throughout central Scotland.

Wasp & Wasp Nest Removal Services

Hanlon Pest Control offer a local specialist service for the removal of wasps, wasp nests and hornet & wasp extermination throughout central Scotland.

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We are fully certified and qualified to ensure that your wasp pests are taken care of safely, efficiently and for the best price. ?Hanlon Pest Control have become the leading trusted wasp and wasp nest removal company throughout central Scotland.

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We are delighted to offer effective, reliable, friendly and cost effective wasp removal services to residential homes, commercial & retail businesses, agricultural and farm clients.

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We are committed to ensuring full client satisfaction 7 days a week and guarantee to respond within 24hrs.

All of our experts are licensed, insured and certified in all your pest control and chemical treatment application needs.

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Wasp Nest Removal Service

Emergency Wasp Nest Removal

Increasingly mild temperatures are providing the perfect environment for wasps to multiply at unprecedented speeds throughout the spring and summer months and even well in to autumn throughout central Scotland. ?Hanlon Pest Control offer an emergency wasp nest removal and extermination service and are on hand 24hrs/7days a week.

Wasps usually occupy holes in and around your home. They usually take residence in holes in the ground, in garden sheds, compost heaps, and even smaller cracks in your roof. Although wasps do love sugar including sweets, fruit, fizzy drinks and alcohol, they also live well on proteins.

Once we have erradicated the source of your wasps and located & removed their nest, we are more than happy to discuss solutions with you to help prevent future infestation. Call us now on?0800 389 3979

Based in Kincardine, we offer a local wasp pest removal service throughout central Scotland