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Hanlon Pest Control offer a price match guarantee for flea infestation erradication, chemical treaments and fumigation services throughout central Scotland.

Flea Control and Fumigation Services

Hanlon Pest Control offer a local specialist service for the treatment of fleas and offer fumigation services for a variety of pests including fleas and flying insects throughout central Scotland.

Certified Safety

We are fully certified and qualified to ensure that your flea infestation is taken care of safely, efficiently and for the best price. Hanlon Pest Control have become the leading trusted fumigation service provider throughout central Scotland.

Friendly Service

We are delighted to offer effective, reliable, friendly and cost effective removal and fumigation services to residential homes, commercial & retail businesses, agricultural and farm clients.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to ensuring full client satisfaction 7 days a week and guarantee to respond within 24hrs.??All of our experts are licensed, insured and certified in all your pest removal, prevention and chemical treatment application needs.

Wasp Nest Removal Service

Fleas unfortunately love to infest human inhabited homes and buildings. The most common cause is your pets, however fleas can also travel into your property on your clothing. Due to their size fleas are very hard to spot so you are unlikely to notice you have fleas in your home or office until they are already a problem.? Fleas will bite humans and animals so once resident in your property you are sure to feel their presence.

Hanlon Pest Control offer full eradication solutions for your flea infestation and can also offer advice on prevention in the future.

Price Matching Service

  • Best Price Guaranteed
  • Leading Local Wasp Pest Service
  • 24Hr – 7Days a week
  • Wasps & Hornets
  • Wasp Nest Removal
  • Advice On Prevention
  • Speedy, Effective, Safe Removal
  • We offer A Price Matching Service Throughout Scotland

Flea Infestation Treaments & Fumigation Services - 24 hr response pest control services 7 days a week throughout Scotland - Call Now on 0800 389 3979

Wasp Nest Removal Service
Wasp Nest Removal Service
Wasp Nest Removal Service

Fumigation Services

We offer a comprehensive range of chemical fumigation treatments to tackle your pest problem.? Hanlon Pest Control are fully certified and insured to deliver effective fumigation solutions.

Whether that?s a flea infestation, weevils, mites, moths or beetles, we can ensure that the right action and treatment is carried out.

We not only offer our fumigation treatment services in residential homes, but also provide a full range of pest control solutions for offices and industrial premises.? Infestations can often be a particular problem in businesses within the food, shipping, cargo, milling, manufacturing, warehousing and feed manufacture industries.

Hanlon Pest Control offer expertise and a range of tailored fumigation solutions applicable across all industrial premises and domestic residences.?We are also happy to offer advice and recommendations for future prevention.? Call us now on?0800 389 3979

We offer a local flea infestation treament and fumigation services throughout central Scotland