We received a call from an office complex in Alva, Clackmannanshire about their roosting pigeon problem. In order to tailor the best solution to remove and prevent the roosting pigeons, it’s necessary to identify why the pigeons have chosen the location.

Why do pigeons love living in buildings throughout Clackmannanshire?

  • Window ledges, bridges, roof over hangs, warehouses and roof rafters are the perfect home and allow flat spaces for breeding that are protected from the weather.
  • Roof spaces in particular offer a brilliant vantage point overlooking feeding areas nearby while offering protection from predators
  • There is plenty of food available from surrounding restaurants, takeaways, cafes and bakeries.

Unfortunately roosting pigeons taking residence in your home of business property presents two main issues.

Firstly the damage that roosting pigeons can cause, in both residential and industrial buildings throughout the Clackmannanshire region can be significant:

  • Structural Damage to the roof itself. Pigeon droppings are naturally high in acidity.  They effectively eat through most roofing materials in buildings, especially tar-based roofing materials. If left to accumulate, this can cause leaks, reduces the life span of the roof itself and can result in structural damage causing full collapse in some cases.
  • Blocking of drainage. Most pigeons build their nests in rain gutters, roof corners and drains. Where a blockage results, there is then a build-up of standing water which can wreak havoc with the integrity of your home or business.
  • Damage to equipment and machinery. The acidic pigeon droppings can cause major damage to industrial machinery, heating systems and insulation.
  • Damage To Ceilings. Nesting pigeons, along with the accumulation of their droppings can cause expensive damage to ceilings if not total collapse.
  • Increased fire risk. Nesting materials and dried droppings make for a significant fire hazard. This is particularly dangerous near electrical installations or circuit boxes
  • Damage To Vehicle Finishes. Pigeon droppings cause a significant fading to vehicle paintwork and protective coatings.

Secondly, pigeons can carry a surprisingly large number of diseases that are transmissible to humans.  Without many effective predators, pigeon numbers are increasing.  Unless we see a large increase in birds of prey in the Clackmannanshire region, we are unlikely to see a reduction in the pigeon population.  Which unfortunately means an increase in the numbers taking up residence in our buildings, warehouses, homes and roof spaces.

A little more detail on our year round roosting pigeons pest:

  • Pigeons breed all year round with peak breeding periods in spring and summer
  • Pigeons are monogamous, meaning that they mate for life
  • Wild birds breed on coastal cliffs and some inland cliffs (our buildings make a very attractive local alternative)
  • Feral birds breed on or in buildings throughout our urban areas
  • Their eggs will be incubated by both parents for 17-19 days
  • Squabs (chicks) are fed by both parents
  • Fledging period is approximately 30 days depending on time of year
  • Pigeons can breed from only 6 months of age

The Solution

When providing solutions to control and prevent the roosting pigeons in Alva and throughout Clackmannanshire, Hanlon Pest Control look at the prevention, bird proofing and the specific behaviors of the pigeon pests.

We take account of the key risk factors:

  1. Damage to the structure and integrity of the buildings and roofing, including overhangs, rafters and any flat ledges.
  2. Prevention of nesting by removing or bird proofing attractive locations.
  3. The prevention of the accumulation of pigeon droppings, which are very damaging to all materials including paint work, roofing materials, equipment and building materials.
  4. Disease prevention: pigeon droppings when dry pose a potential source of airborne disease particles.

We offer recommendations and installation of full bird proofing to prevent access to sheltered flat surfaces in or on the roof spaces. We offer bespoke tailored bird proofing solutions that will ensure your building is protected effectively without endangering the structural integrity of your building, roofing or equipment installation.  We can also provide advice and instruction on the suggested steps to ensure that  buildings no longer offer an attractive habitat for the pigeons.

Hanlon Pest Control provide tailored, custom designed bird proofing solutions and advice on prevention throughout Clackmannanshire and the surrounding areas.