Pigeon Trapping In Linlithgow

Hanlon Pest Control were called to remove a significant infestation of roosting pigeons in Linlithgow.

Pigeon trapping is significantly more effective that culling as it provides the most permenant solution.  Pigeons are homing birds and will continue to return to their roosting home once this has been established. Culling has the unfortunate side effect of removing older non breading birds from the local pigeon population.   This then leaves the faster more agile members of the pigeon population alive and ready to begin breading again.  Along with the the breading season for pigeons being year round, this will result in the local pigeon population reaching its’ previous high numbers a short time after the cull.

The most effective solution is to trap and move the pigeon population far away from the home or business, allowing them to establish a new sustainable roost away from the urban environment.

Steps To Trap and Re-Home Pigeons.

Hanlon Pest control will assess your current pigeon pest problem and design a bespoke trapping solution that fits your building, the surrounding urban layout and the pigeon population’s current behaviours.

Typically this will involve establishing a custom built trapping cage. Then laying desirable bait for the pigeons to feed on. The pigeons will feed in this new area and begin to change their homing behaviour as a result of the new area with a plentiful food supply.

Once the new behaviour has been seen to develop, Hanlon Pest Control will then trap the pigeons and transport them far away from your home or business, allowing them to take residence in a new countryside area far away from the urban environment.

Hanlon Pest Control also offer advice and solutions for exclusion and prevention of pigeon and all bird pests. Please see our Bird Pest Control page for more information.

Hanlon Pest Control provide tailored bird control and trapping solutions throughout Linlithgow and the surrounding areas.