Pigeon Infestation Call Out

We were called to Linlithgow to provide solutions to a large pigeon infestation.  The pigeons were already causing blockages on guttering, sills and ledges over most of the building, including the high rise turret, and the surrounding pedestrian pathways were being covered with mess.  Not to mention parked cars that were being targeted with corrosive pigeon droppings.

Hanlon Pest Control provide full clearing service to ensure the damage being caused is stopped.  We found damage to stonework already in progress as you can see here.

Pigeon pest droppings are as much a concern as the pigeons themselves. On average, a well-fed pigeon deposits 25 pounds of droppings a year. Pigeon feces are unsightly and can damage buildings, stonework, vehicles, trees, shrubs, lawns, benches and pathways.

Since pigeons have no natural predators in urban areas and due to their ability to reproduce quickly, pigeon overpopulation is significant problem. It can lead to increased property damage and higher disease rates. Accumulated bird debris can then in turn also attract mice, rats, and flies.

Hanlon Pest Control clean away any pigeon mess from the exterior of a building prior to the installation of deterrents.  This is essential in order to prevent the ongoing corrosive effect of the acid in pigeon droppings.

This building’s high ledges provided a perfect night time roost for the pigeons which meant a high rise solution was needed. Pigeon roosting is prevalent in high rise buildings around Linlithgow due to relative safety offered by high ledges, turrets and sills.

Hanlon Pest Control provide bespoke, custom designed bird proofing solutions tailored to your building needs.  This infestation required a long term solution to prevent pigeons returning to roost.  Our experts cleared the ledges, sills and turrets of all pigeon mess and installed bespoke bird spiking across all flat surfaces on the exterior of the building.  The key in our design considerations, when customising this solution, was to ensure the integrity of this building was maintained.

Each Building is individual and as a result requires expert solutions to ensure the right fit for the location, pest species and pest behaviours.  Hanlon Pest Control provide a fully inclusive solution and will take care of the cleanup, disposal and installation of the bespoke pest control solution.  In this case, the installation of bird spiking was needed to ensure the permanent exclusion of roosting pigeons.  Our experts installed the bird spiking with custom fittings on all high rise ledges, sills and surfaces, while paying close attention to maintaining the aesthetics of this beautiful old building.

Hanlon Pest Control provide bespoke, custom designed pigeon & gull control solutions throughout Linlithgow and the surrounding areas.