Bird Pest Removal & Bird Proofing At The Falkirk Wheel

Hanlon pest control humanely removed roosting pigeons and installed bird proofing at the Falkirk wheel. We were called on to remove pigeons that were making a right old mess on the complex components within the structure.

Hanlon Pest Control offer full bird proofing and bird removal services, including high access services for any size installation. Birds often take refuge and nest in safe high structures, which in turn can then lead to problems with machinery or engineering mechanisms.

Each Building is individual and as a result requires expert solutions to ensure the right fit for the location, pest species and pest behaviours.  Hanlon Pest Control provide a fully inclusive solution and will take care of the cleanup, disposal and installation of the bespoke pest control solution.

Our experts will provide efficient removal and bird proofing solutions together with our Best Price Guarantee. Hanlon Pest Control offer 24hr, 7days a week services and have fast become the leading specialists in high access bird proofing across the central belt of Scotland. Call us now on 0800 389 3979

In implementing the pigeon control programme at the Falkirk wheel, it was neccessary to humanely trap and relocate the pigeons to a safe home.  We installed humane trapping cages in all neccessary areas to ensure all pigeons could be easily relocated.

Our pigeon control trapping method at the Falkirk wheel was chosen to ensure Health and safety within public areas was a priority and no working areas within the structure were hindered. No harm will come to these pigeons as they will be relocated safely else where.

Hanlon Pest Control provide bespoke, custom designed bird control solutions throughout Falkirk and the surrounding areas.