Bird Proofing Installation Falkirk

We were called to provide a solution for bird pest control in Falkirk.  The residential owners had recently fitted a new solar panel installation and were looking for a solution that would prevent bird pests nesting on their roof.

Bird nesting is a particularly prevalent problem in the Falkirk area with more and more bird species continuing to adapt and take home in the urban environment.  We have provided successful bird pest control for a wide variety of birds ranging from pigeons to collared doves. Hanlon Pest Control provide bespoke, custom designed solutions tailored to your building needs and have successfully prevented the harbouring of a wide variety of local birds throughout Falkirk and the surrounding area.

There are a variety of design considerations that are taken into account when customising a solution.  These include the types of material and fixings required and need to be tailored, depending on the particular bird species requiring exclusion.

The key with our recent Falkirk bird control solution was to maintain the complete integrity of the new solar panel installation while providing effective bird control without the use of drilling and at the best possible price.

This was achieved by installing a skirt of snail gauge netting and using custom fittings, ensuring the integrity of the solar panel construction and of course the integral wiring was maintained in perfect working order. This provided a discreet and impenetrable barrier, thus protecting the building and solar panel installation without harming the birds.

Hanlon Pest Control provide bespoke, custom designed bird control solutions throughout Falkirk and the surrounding areas.